Anime Expo 2016
Back in 2015, we had the opportunity to meet up with some of the staffs of SPJA, the organizer of one of the largest anime conventions in USA, Anime Expo. Having just completed the animation for Anime Festival Asia, we were eager to expand outside of our local convention shores.
We started proposing how we might be able to provide our services for AX and after a couple of meetings (including one in which we visited their office in LA!), we came to an agreement to design the key marketing visual and a number of merchandises for AX.
Just a lot of design sketches we did for the merchandises. Some of these ideas died almost immediately. Others... we really like a lot!
You might even see some of these for AX 2017!
Merchandise #1
MAX in mostly flat colors. Highly suitable for any merchandise. Distinctive outline works very well for pins!
From :
Cap from Anime Expo 2017
Quick to be sold out too!
Merchandise #2
Focuses on the cuter mascots
Merchandise #3
Meant to be the underbill for a cap. With a bit of adjustment, can go everywhere else too!
From 2018!
Merchandise #4
Merchandise #5
A throwback to another earlier illustration
Prepare for a long scroll! Other than just merchandises, we also did the design for the official convention lanyard!
AX 2016 is happening! Since we can't attend the convention ourselves, we've taken to swiping images off their Facebook and Instagram. Here are the instances in which the artworks by CDS were in full display during the convention. They've also taken the liberty to use artworks meant for merchandises to line the walls. Not a bad idea!
Photo from AX Instagram
Photo by ForteTweets
Account Manager : KC Ng
Merchandise #1 : Low Zi Rong
Merchandise #2 : Tan Hui Tian
Merchandise #3 : Low Zi Rong
Merchandise #4 : Low Zi Rong
Merchandise #5 : Low Zi Rong
Lanyard : Low Zi Rong
Program Guide : Low Zi Rong (Overall composition and Character), Tan Hui Tian (Background)
Anime Expo 2016

Anime Expo 2016

We designed some official merchandises for Anime Expo 2016


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