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    Creation and production of a performance including 4 actors for the purpose of a show holding place during a pre event dinner in Zürich.
No wall between us
We pretend to be multi-skilled. But how would you actually prove that? Without referencies no trust - without trust no way to create referencies. Catch 22? Not this time: The 10 years relationship between EST and Dow Pharma Solutions does permit some mutual trust. Still we found it quite bold that our client gave us the mission to create and organise a short performance which took place during the pre event dinner of one of their seminars in Zürich.
The Idea
The play
Act #1 (The Map)
A: “With this map I could take you anywhere. Everything is possible. With this map we will be able to master every twist and turn of our journey.”

B: “Cool….but where are we going?”
A: “No idea...
Act #2 (The Chicken)
C: “The idea is to sell a product which is packed full of proteins and vitamins and comes in completely natural packaging. It’s pretty easy to handle, even easier to use and we’ll have a really regular supply, let’s say, one a day, sometimes even two!”
D: “Sounds great!....but how would one produce such a thing?”
C: “No idea, but it’s the idea that counts – it’s pure genius!”
D: “No idea, but it’s the idea that counts?
Act #3 (The Drink)
B: “Why, don’t tell me you think you’ve actually found something useful for once! Hey, just kidding! Go on then, I’m listening...”
A: “Promise you won’t laugh? Or start questioning my pay packet again? Because honestly, I really do think this is fabulous…. Look!” (showing a beaker with a liquid in it) “It is a solution which can dissolve stuff.”
How to draw an egg?
Why do french people only eat one egg for breskfeast?
Because one egg is un œuf !