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    This is purely a personal project executed for the pure joy of exploring UX and UI design of a service I use everyday.
Skype iPad App: A Self-initiated Project
This project is a self initiated look at the visual and UX design of the Skype iPad application. I use Skype everyday and I really enjoyed looking exploring the User Experience and how it could be enhanced.
The Skype brand is strong. The subtle use of illustration and cloud effect from their corporate website remains loyal to the corporate brand here on the title screen. If a previous user had selected 'auto logon' as is indicated below then the bottom status bar (remaining credit, online status, etc) will be shown.
The default screen will show all recent activity. by default its list view but this can be changed by toggling the 'view' icons in the header. agin the app borrows the icons from the desktop version of Skype in order to maintain a consistency. You can select a distinct contact category from the tabs along the screen top.
Finally while in 'Call' mode everything is blackened out except for the 'call' , 'hang up', 'video' 'dial pad' and 'mute' buttons as these are the only functions necessary at the calling stage. Once the call is connected all options will be accessible again.