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    Various editorial portraits
Swizz Beatz for billboard
Michael Blatter, Stephen Papageorge and Brian Orange, Mirrorball. Adweek
Diane Curley, MD. Fast Company
Chris Sojka and David Eisenman, Madwell NY. Adweek
Carrot Creative, Adweek.
Michael Kestenbaum for Entrepreneur
Domenico Vitale and Doug Raboy, PI & C. Adweek
Seymour Stein, founder of Sire records. Billboard 
Seymour Stein, founder of Sire records. Billboard
Das Racist. Thrasher
Andrew WK. Street Carnage
Andrew WK. Street Carnage
Girish Reddy. Absolute Return magazine
Calle & Pelle Sjonell/ BBH-NY. Adweek
Brian Watkins for Entrepreneur
Rashad Robinson, activist for The huffington magazine
Mark Schiller, BOND Strategy. Adweek
Robert Henessy for entrepreneur.
Richard nackenson for Bloomberg market