Initially created to form part of a collective illustrated alphabet, this "X" quickly became a bit of a personal project as well.
~ x ~
For some reason, I've been commissioned to create a lot of nature and animal-themed illustrations recently, but I love doing them, and this piece can very much be seen as an extension of that. I've also created a full time-lapse video of the creation 
of this illustration from start to finish, which is included in this project, as well as a link my Society6 account, where you can purchase gallery quality giclée prints of this in a variety of sizes (with or without a frame, or even on even printed on canvas). 
~ x ~
I hope you guys enjoy this project!

• { Initial Sketch } •

• { Time-lapse Process Video } •
Music: Perfect Pillow by Chon (from the album Grow)
*Watch in HD!
• { Final Illustration } •

• { Close Ups } •

• { Test Print } •
{ Buy this sucker for your empty wall space }

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