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    Menswear Senior Thesis Collection for Parsons the New School for Design. Graduating BFA in Fashion Design.
From Latin vertiginosus, from vertigo ‘whirling around’
When it came time to begin researching for my thesis collection, I really had to sit down and think about what I was feeling at that moment and also reflect upon the things that I had experienced in the past couple years. So looking back, I realized that I had spent a lot of time in the past few years traveling to many different places in the world. This brought me face to face with some really amazing landscapes and magnificent places in nature. More importantly than this, was the feeling of vertigo that I experienced over and over again as I came upon the next amazing sight. This became the overarching theme that I wanted to explore. From there I looked into vertigo and focused on how it made you feel dizzy and like you were falling through the air. I then studied how people (men, because I'm doing menswear) and their bodies contorted as they fell through the air. From these images, I drew the inspiration for design details and proportion. I experimented with pattern cutting and decided to make the patterns as if the figure were in motion, with backwards bent pants and shirts that were shifted to the side. This would create a "motion" on the body for the wearer and symbolize the movement of the "fall". I used drawstrings as a way to reinforce this movement and encourage interaction from the wearer.