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    Homepages for UNICA, My Smart Energy and CEEMET designed in 2014

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UNICA is an institutional network of 46 universities from 35 capital cities of Europe,
combining over 150,000 staff and 1,800,000 students.
Role: UI, Art Direction   |   Year: 2014   |   Agency: Nuvole   |   Illustration: Atto


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My Smart Energy

My Smart Energy is a project by EDSO and ESMIG to make it easier to access helpful materials and information about the roll-out of smart metering and smart grids across most of Europe.

Role: UI, Art Direction   |   Year: 2014   |   Agency: Nuvole   |   Illustration: Atto

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CEEMET is the European employer's organisation representing the interests of the metal, engineering and tecnology-based industries.

Role: UI, Art Direction   |   Year: 2014   |   Agency: Nuvole   |   Illustrations: Atto