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    A disruptive flyer by TBWA/BEING.
A disruptive flyer by TBWA/BEING.
Creative Director: Thierry Buriez
Art Director: Julien Chiapolini
Copywriter: Riccardo Fregoso
Illustration: Scott Benson

OBJECTIVE:To maximize signatures for the petition issued by theassociation, Urgence Darfour, in order to bring to the International CriminalCourt the Sudanese President Omar Al Bashir, who is charged with war crimes, crimesagainst humanity and genocide.
The campaign started with a viral video and an onlinepetition. However, we soon realized we were missing a very important part ofthe target audience: people that are seriously involved in the cause, and yet arenot comfortable with using the Internet, and also activists taking part inmeetings and demonstrations, who get enthusiastic about the cause but thenforget to sign the petition online. We need to make these people sign easily,and immediately.

So we decided to create a “classical” flyer, like the flyersassociations normally distribute to activists.
However, this time, the flyer concealed a fatal trickfor the dictator, and something of real, tangible interest for the activists: bysigning and sending the petition, people literally, and immediately, “send himbehind bars”.

Urgence Darfour diffused the flyer during the officiallaunch of the campaign, and then during each of the association’s demonstrationsand meetings in France.
In less than a week, Urgence Darfour received hundredsof signed coupons, and several congratulations from activists and associations onthe efficiency of this alternative – and yet classical – medium.

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