Entrepreneurs' Forum
A series of items done for Monash Business Club on their event called "Entrepreneurs' Forum" (EF) where the event had 3 experienced but young speakers came from different background or scope of jobs altogether.

There were a set of logos done in colour, black & white (gradient) and black & white (flat), apart from that there were a set of posters that varied in 2 different design whereby one being the man and one being the woman and also a simple tri-fold brochure that contains information of the speakers and the event's agenda.

The logo was later applied onto the wristband as the ticket to the event.

Event credits: Monash Business Club
Logo in full colour.

The logo’s core shape is formed by using the abbreviation of “Entreprenuers’ Forum 11” - EF. Where the ‘EF’ forms a suitcase which could represent “entrepreneurs” as business people and reflects on their professionalism at the same time. The year ‘2011’ is shortened into ‘11’ where it sits right at the bottom right corner of the “suitcase” linked from ‘F’ of the ‘EF‘.

 Logo in black & white (with gradient)
 Logo in black & white (without gradient)
As the suitcase is partitioned with the ‘E’ and ‘F’, the logo could play a nice template for other colaterals as well where “Entrepreneurs’ Forum” could be replaced with the headline for the respective collateral(s)
 Tri-fold A4 sized brochure
(Top left clockwise: Cover, Back, Agenda List & Inner leaf, Inner leaf + Cover)
 Poster Design (Man)

The idea of the poster was have the design printed on sticker then later apply onto a mirror to give a perception of the message reflecting towards the students that stand in front of the poster and read the content. The grey bar with message was positioned in a way that it covers the students' eye as a symbol of anonymity where any boy or man who stood in front of it are equal and the poster is a reminder or a calling for the students' attention.
 Poster Design (Woman)
 Actual Poster