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    I created advertisements in InDesign that were visually interesting.
Graphic Design Projects
Class Assignments
To create the projects below, I used InDesign and Photoshop as need.  Pictures and text were provided, but I had to create a visually interesting product.  For more information about each project, look below it for a description of it.
This is a truck ad that I designed for the container store.  My target market for this ad are young women.
I used a picture from The Container Store's facebook page.  Since there were only two cubbies, I copied the bottom one and stacked it.  I put a black box over the center area to place the well known logo and a tagline that ties in the shoes.
I feel that this is a fun and visual interesting ad.  I think it would be eye catching if someone saw this while driving down the road.
I was provided seven images.  I really liked the one showing the two Rollergirls in actions, but I did not like the background for what I had envisioned in my rough.  I used photoshop to drop the background.
For this magazine ad, there was a lot of text provided.  I did not want to lose the value of the text, so I text wrapped it around a picture provided.
The color scheme is black, red, and white because of the Rollergirls logo.
The text shows that the event is marketed towards familys.  I used a tool in photoshop to make the picture look colorful; the tool outlines the picture and inserts different colors.  I feel that if a mother is looking through a magazine, this would catch the attention of a child.