Like my designs for the 2013 Games Awards, this material was aimed at a young adult gaming audience. The challenge was to create visuals which felt fresh and distinct from the previous year, while staying within BAFTA's brand guidelines and remaining recognisable as part of BAFTA's games activity. I achieved this by continuing the turquoise palette and geometric approach from 2013, while shifting to staggered lines to convey the kinetic experience of gaming. The design was carried across collateral including tickets, menus, wayfinding and on-screen graphics. As with 2013, the six covers featured key art from the Best Game nominees – including an original, bespoke illustration from the creator of Papers, Please – along with spot UV patterning.
170x240mm 40+4pp saddle-stitched brochure; six different covers with spot UV. 85x170 double-sided ticket; uncoated board; three colours
BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts)
March 2014