Logo 09/11

The project is done when I was in the company Itador/2011

Logos designs for various clients.some in Vietnam and Germany
Personal / VietNam
Title:Lavender hotel
Client: Lavender / hotel
Title: Dohoaweb
Client: Dohoaweb / branding / services
Title: MienDong inffrastructure investment branding
Client: MienDong / investment / construction
Title: VienTin
Client: VienTin / camera / security
Itador ug /2011
Title: Almenrausch
Client: Almenrausch / tourism
Title: Financial and Corporate Communications
Financial / Corporate
Title: Direckt-Stick
Client: Print Online
Title: copyspot
Client: copyspot / a classical copy shop, online only
Title: bonvista
Client: bonvista / consulting
Title:  ITegernsee
Client: ITegernsee / IT
Title:  iZando Design
Client: iZando / Design
 Title: Agropie
Client: Agropie / fresh food
Title:  Golf Portal
Client: Golf Portal / Golf
Title: lucky event
Client: lucky / event / party
Title: autoverwerter
Client: autoverwerter / portal provides used car parts
Title: Innovation & Quality
Client:  Innovation & Quality / The logo should reflect the name of our company "IQ Innovation & Quality"

Title: food taxi
Client: food taxi / Food Delivery Plattform for Thailand
Title: Melo
Client: cty Sweden – thuy dien / textile brand
Title: carefoundry
Client: carefoundry / care
Title: peerwork
Client: peerwork / consulting
Title: Solaranlagen für Deupeerwork
Client: Solaranlagen für Deupeerwork / solar equipment
Thanks for the attention.
Logo 09/11

Logo 09/11

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