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    Artwork created serving Intrinsic Nature experiment 12
My artpiece serving Intrinsic Nature Experiment: 12.
It takes a whole week (or more) to done this piece because lack of time that i have since there was client work that must be done at the time IN12 is about to meet the deadline.

But anyway i'm pretty happy with the end result considering that i got creative block
in the middle of creating this piece.

So, enjoy!

Good things still come to those who wait. Actually great things. In this case, it’s a digital onslaught of mind-blowing artworks, photography and music, supplied by none other than
Intrinsic Nature’s team of rejuvenated artists.

Featured artist Ma7 headlined the 12th successful experiment with his collection of
seven stunning pieces of digital art.

Notable newcomers include photographer BennyBrand and artists Najeeb, Falk, FabF, Dezhimself, Visio, Ruudios, Ptitvinc and Pezcado. IN12 showcases 73 works of art created by 46 international artists.
So find a comfortable chair, sit back, and let the visual journey of IN12 engulf your brain.

View the Intrinsic Nature Full Release Here
Click on the image to view the HI-RES & detailed version.
Initial 3D typo created in C4D.
Put the typo in the field stock to make base direction about the whole scene.
Tweak field scene color, adding lighting/shadow and put 2 mountains for background image. I'm also change the sky to make the scene more vivid. still loking too greenish tho.
Starting to add a lot of element. Animals, flowers, rocks, ivy, baby cell, etc.
More and more elements added and decided to make another foreground to make the scene more balanced.
Starting to tweak the color of each element to match the scene.

I added some oak trees and showing brown inner-part to reduce the greenish color
,also to make the whole scene color more interesting,
and i begin to paint the detail to reveal the inner part of the tree.

For the final strike, i added more elements to make the scene more dramatic like giant sword, bow,
painting lot of grass & leaves, light source, etc.
Also the Intrinsic Nature logo as this piece is belong to IN. And yeah, of course some final adjustment layer.

Thanks for viewing,
Comments are really appreciated.

Ruudios, 2012