Rue La LaBoutique Door & Preview Designs 
A very simplified explanation of what I do: 

1) Design the "preview" for the site boutiques, which includes some sort of imagery (that I have either created a composite image of, or have picked from a selection of in-house shot images) and a paragraph explaining the brand. 

2) Reformat the imagery for the "assets" and decide the best possible composition for each of the 13 platforms it will appear on (& optimize appropriately for each respective platform). 

Above: An example of a "preview" I've done. 
Above you can see a digital sketch of the preview (top left-hand corner) among all of the other boutique doors I design. Precise attention must be payed to the cropping, to ensure adequate views of the detail of the product in addition to general composition. 
Above: A screenshot of how the doors fit, given their various sizes and placements on the page. Note: this is not what the homepage would look like with all of the same boutique, but rather, like the screenshot below (gorjana not featured in this specific photo). 
Below are additional previews and a few views of the assets that stem from the preview design. 
Below: Screenshots of the Rue La La Facebook page, where an image of a composite I made of ercole mirrors and pink ornaments was featured.