Last Night A Hipster Saved My LIfe
Audiovisual Installation
This audiovisual mapped installation was commissioned for the XXVI National Biennial of Visual Arts' closing ceremony at the Museum of Modern Art of Santo Domingo (MAM), Dominican Republic on Novembre 11th, 2011.

We deconstructed the traditional 16:9 film format into triangular sections in 3 dimensions, mapping each individual layer and creating color sequences synced via MIDI to the music's "breaky" 3/4 rhythms.

Production: 28'C 
Structural Design : Studiotipo
Video Mapping and Visuals : La Pixelería
Music + DJs : OndaSonora
Audio : Andando by Munchi - Rotterdam Juke EP (Munchi Productions)
Special Thanks : Museo Arte Moderno (MAM), Bubu Vega, Surfito, Wader, Esfera Verde and Sonotech.

UStream : Ondasonoralive

Brief documentary of the process and performance.
Invitation for the event.
Initial concept drawing
Our canvas
Connections and workflows
Last Night A Hipster Saved My LIfe