EnerNOC Website Redesign
Corporate Website Redesign

My team was asked to design and develop a new website in three months, the deadline was driven by our annual conference. We quickly filled out a creative brief, assessed the strategy for the website, interviewed development and design agencies that would support/supplement the team to meet this aggressive deadline. The overall web team consisted of designers, copy writers, developers and project managers that worked, though not exclusively, for three months to launch the website 2 weeks before the EnergySMART conference. The design team was also heavily involved in the design, production and experience of the conference, so we had our hands full during those three months. But, we successfully launched the website and our 1000+ attended conference on time and within budget.

Snapshot from waybackmachine.com : https://web.archive.org/web/20170119061014/https://www.enernoc.com/

EnerNOC Website Redesign