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    Mobile-first redesign of my events listing website WompBlog.com, dedicated to NYC-area bass music events
WIP. I run a niche music site, WompBlog.com, where I maintain a listing of upcoming NYC-area bass music events (grime, dubstep, footwork, drum n bass, jungle, garage, etc). It's long overdue for a visual refresh, and more importantly, to be rebuilt for a mobile experience. When I initially launched the site, mobile was a small portion of my traffic, and wasn't supported. When it passed 50%, I used plugins to implement mobile-friendly layouts for essential pages (events, win tickets) but the rest of the site was inaccessible. The result was hackey and inelegant.
I'm building this now, using a local development environment (XAMPP) for the first time, allowing me to make a little progress every day on my commute to and from work (when I can get a seat on the subway, that is). I feel like a developer already!