Art Direction & Game Content: 
Road Adventures USA, The Learning Company/Mattel
Art direction, interface design and content for an educational CD ROM game
Road Adventures USA is an adventure game in the style of the popular Oregon Trail series, but set as a modern-day road trip across the continental United States. As in Oregon Trail, players choose a travel companion, buy a vehicle, stock up on supplies, budget their money, and chart a course across the country. Along the way they can visit cities and learn about historic sites while stopping to talk with video characters. Additional character interactions take place while shopping at convenience stores, renting rooms for the night, and dining in restaurants.

I worked closely with the producer, writer, multimedia team, several artists, and lead programmers to develop the interface, content and scenic backgrounds for the game.

This was the last product produced in the Minneapolis office before it was shut down by
Mattel. The development team and myself stayed through July of 1999 to complete the product, after virtually all other staff had been laid off.

Executive Producer: Mike Palmquist
A motel with navigable interior.
A sample menu from a high-end restaurant. Items are ordered by clicking on their names, which then appear on the guest check at right before being deducted from the player's budget.
Interface screens for shopping (which functions like the restaurant menu above) and travel planning.
Scenes from a gas station where players can purchase gas, snacks and services as well as interact with video characters.
Detail from the gas station interior.