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Christmas Greeting 2009
2009 Christmas card for my friends and love one. Title of my card is - Light up the Christmas spirit. Design based on a lamp cover concept. The card can be fold into a triangle shape and there will be a glow stick provided to hang between the card. So that it will glow in the dark and the light will passed through the die cut hole. Pretty tough for me as in i have to die cut the hole manually.Well, i quite love the card and i got very good feedback from my friends.Hope you guys like it too! Merry Christmas to you! (Apologized for my bad photo quality)

Christmas Greeting 2010
Some of my friends complained that they did not received my card i did in 2009 (after they saw my facebook post), and they want to get it this year even with the same design. Well, its been a pack year for me in 2010, so i don't really have much time to think of a new idea. So i improved the design into a x'mas tree shape, which i quite happy with the twist. Here with photo that my friend send it to me :)