Game Content: Amazon Trail 3rd Edition,
Amazon Trail 3rd Edition is a CD ROM adventure game that combines aspects of history, anthropology, botany, zoology and time travel with a scavenger hunt through the lands of the Amazon River in South America. Along the route players interact with green-screened video characters representing historical figures and common people from different epochs. Character interactions are meant to offer clues for the scavenger hunt as well as toteach history.
For this version of Amazon Trail I developed many elaborately detailed sets for the green-screened actors to interact with. Most of the work was done within the 3D software while employing Adobe Photoshop to create texture maps and provide post-production touch-ups. 

Producer: Mike Palmquist
Art Direction: Sheila Zwettler
The Amazonian Anthropological Museum. A still from the cinematic introductory sequence.
Belém, in Brazil. The starting point for the game.
The expedition outfitter in Belém, where players choose their guides and supply packages.
River approach to a shantytown on the shore of Iquitos, Peru.
The dockside set for Iquitos.
A colonial river town on the Amazon.
Approaching the city of Pucallpa in Peru with oil tanks and riverfront warehouses.
A Model T truck from the set of Henry Ford's Brazilian rubber plantation.