I decided to create another bookcover as part of the series I started for the Rock, Paper, Book crowdsourcing project. This time I developed an illustration for the Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo. I think that on some level I'm attracted to illustrating these stories that have been recreated in a ton of different ways. 
I also had the opportunity to have DesignMilk follow along as i worked on this and they created a great 3 part post
you can read here. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
I talk more in the article about how this new way of working has affected the way I work, but I also couldnt miss the chance to put up some more detailed tutorial style videos on youtube here.
This piece was created using Adobe Draw, Adobe Sketch and Adobe Capture and then finishing and created color options in Adobe Illustrator. 
Close up of lettering done in Adobe Illustrator. 
Color variations created in Adobe Illustrator.
Things I used to capture shapes and colors using Adobe Capture. 
Close up of line work acheived with round end brush and pressure sensitivity in Adobe Draw.
Original lettering done in Adobe Sketch
Here is video timelapse of last stages of illustration done in Adobe Illustrator. For the full playlist of timelapse videos for this project be sure to go here