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    Here are a few of the photos from different Estonian movie sets…
I love cinematography and have had the pleasure of photographing the production of several Estonian movies. It is truly fascinating to observe how the magic is created and the clever tricks used to obtain certain lighting or other effects. I have a lot of respect for the actors who over and over again have to give it their all in front of the entire crew and not get side-tracked by the chaos and tumult surrounding them. Here are a few of the photos from different movie sets…
The Days That Confused. 2016. Director: Triin Ruumet
Mother. 2016. Director: Kadri Kõusaar
Secret Society of Souptown. 2015. Director: Margus Paju
Demons. 2012. Director: Ain Mäeots
A Friend of Mine. 2011. Director: Mart Kivastik
The Arbiter. 2013. Director: Kadri Kõusaar
Cover photo "Taarka". 2008. Director : Ain Mäeots