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Trash 2180 (8th September 2011)
Since I use to get inspired by science fiction and future, there is no point on not including it on my project.
This is the second pack of frames I did. This time focus in Ibuki, the noble guitarrist from Random Tokyo Summer. She has some tottoos on her arms, but in some drawings that was not included because I was regreting of that
 because I didn't want people to think she is related with Yakuza.
Nowadays I considered it better and, even though I really respect the Japanese culture, I'll include that tattoos on her, just because it looks cool, I love it, and because my girls are badass.

Here I got the chance to introduce some new characters, which are a little more experimental.
Such as Sis (Ibuki's evil sister) who has an haircut that I've always wanted to use. Or Mars, a girl with blue hair, katana and alien pirate patch.

The title of this art is in honour to the electronic 8-bit music band "Trash80", that has become really important in my life.

If you want to see the drawing bigger, click here!
This is the alternative version of the 3th frame. I changed the blue tone.