The Dreamland Inspiration
Listening to the song from the duo of guitarist Japan, DEPAPEPE, entitled "YuuyakeCycling", it was not quick to find inspiration / illustration of this, but eventually this idea came when I fell asleep while doing my homework/ task, then while my idea was "fresh from the oven" , I directly poured into the picture.
This picture tells the story of a comic named Kobu (derived from Japanese, which means inspiration). Deadline strangles him, he always tried to pour creative ideas into his drawings and stories because he should publish his comic to the company tomorrow. He trapped within its limitations, can only smoke,lift pencil, and see a blank paper in front of him. Cold sweat was pouring out of consideration for the company boss who is well known as 'killer' and can easily like to fire employees i will. When the sweat across his body, there is a sweat which is different from the others. This sweat is not perfectly circular, slightly oval, but very bright and attractive. The attractiveness of the object rose and made ​​him curious. As a result with doubt and trembling hands, he tried to touch it.
Unexpectedly this small object brought him into the infinite. He made Kobu travelled time through spaces, away from normal life of human beings like us. A kid figure appears in nature. It turns out that was him. The little boy is Kobu itself. After talking with the boy then Kobu also realized that he was in the nature of his  inspiration. Objects, nature, and the rest on the ground, there was a series of dreams to be achieved as a child. Small Kobu never ceased to dream. His dream has always vary almost infinitely. Among them is the ground / the dream itself, Kobu always wanted to live in an exciting, fun, with no load at all, but there's only pleasure.Form of cartoon eagle symbolizes that he always wanted to soar like an eagle that indicate the success. Appears above the eagle baby-faced creature, this is a relation of a birth and innocence. Behind it appears the money is flying symbolizes that he later wanted to become an established and successful, so can buy whatever he likes. The tails of the two eyes rainbow symbolizes that his views are always imaginative, always out of the box and extraordinary. Origami represents his favorite subject in school, which is art. Three different colors on the front face of the small Kobu indicate the indiscriminate, Kobu want everyone to like, make friends with everyone indiscriminately, and therefore these faces are colored differently from each other.His favorite cartoon, bear symbolizes the beast as well as his imagination when his friend he was his own (he usually describes the bear is on the drawing paper).Rainbow symbolizes a colorful life. Seeing all very harmonious and exciting, then Kobu not want to waste his freedom. Young and Adult Kobu finally chased each other until finally the object is brought into the nature of inspiration and even then bring it back to the origin of the world, to his home, to his room, to the right in his seat moments before he was just staring at a blank paper just like her brain is empty.

Kobu still amazed what happened to him. He had not seen the object (the sweat of interest) it again. Finally, after he was astonished and silent for 5 minutes, he realized, he must finish his comic. Many ideas crossed his mind, where he would pour the experience of imagination in childhood, imagination and inspiration to the world in the comic. Seeing that his imagination is very much the Kobu decided to create a comic that beamed so the comic has so many editions. Kobu alsp realized that the dreams / dreams can not be underestimated. And he will reach it as difficult as any.

Images that I created are symbolic both of the colors and shapes. Seen from the first frame, the object / sweat, hard work and efforts represent, purple mixed with yellow. This defines a sense of mystery of the purple color and the impression of a glimmer of hope / light color from yellow. In the second frame, it seems there aretwo Kobu run / chase symbolizes that we must continue to run after them as far as anything goes. Bright green color reflects the dominance of a pleasant and naturalcolors. Why natural? Because dreams are coming directly from small Kobu brain,not from anyone. Here it could be a natural connection with the original. Purplecolor as the background create a sense of mystery and creative. Yes, nature ismysterious because it was different than the others and represents the creativenature of Kobu own. In the third frame, the rainbow that went into Kobu adult braininterpret the brilliant ideas that went into the fikirnya. Yellow and orange color combination creates an impression of light, where Kobu get ideas and inspiration.
The Dreamland Inspiration