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    Eco-friendly cardboard caskets for cremation and burial.
DECO eco-friendly caskets
The Deco casket has been designed for and in collaboration with Andrew Hubbard founder of TenderRest caskets. The caskets shape is inspired by Art Deco and offers a modern take on traditional coffins. It combines sustainable materials, with innovative construction methods to produce a casket which is both eco-friendly and affordable.
The Deco is constructed out of dense recycled paperboard and FSC certified pine plywood. CNC cut plywood parts are fixed together to create a sub-structure. The die cut paperboard pieces are folded and fastened  to create the internal ribbing as well as wrapping the exterior of the casket forming the outer skin.

The combination of construction methods, materials and features like built in handles mean that the caskets are strong yet light weight. The Deco weighs just over 30 kgs and is able to hold weights in excess of 300kgs before showing signs of stress.

Using Paperboard and Pine plywood has allowed the Deco casket to meet the demand for “cardboard” coffins, side stepping issues such as premature combustion and fly ash pollution during cremated that has seen corrugated cardboard coffins banned by many regional councils.
Deco White with flat bed printed lid
SEE: TenderRest.com
Photography and video by: Luke Doig