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    This project was my final for my Graphic Abstractions class of my spring 2016 semester. Enjoy!
This is the process of my final project for my Graphic Abstractions class of the spring 2016 semester.  Enjoy!
This is the final vector image of my glass sketch.  From here we had to find the color combination we'd use for the glass.
During the color choosing process I was searching for a magenta color style.  I personally didn't like the way the colors worked with the glass so I decided to move away from color and use black and white instead.
The goal of this project was to find a way to combine both the text (Riedel: The Glass Company) and the glass of our choice together to create a logo/image of sorts.
I decided to combine the text and glass together with a negative effect where the text overlays the glass. I created several different options and narrowed my choices down to two.
The above option was my final choice.
I think this project turned out great and was my most enjoyable final by far!
Thank you for viewing!