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    ...snapshots of Ubin Island, Singapore, the last bastion of village living, and where live is just that much more simpler.
...exploring the last inhabited island of Singapore
Ubin Island (or known locally as Pulau Ubin) has always never fail to bring to me a certain air of decadence, and nostalgia. As the last bastion of kampung/village living NOT located on mainland Singapore, Ubin never fails to bring to her visitors memories of days gone by, when kampung living was the norm, and when life was just so much simpler.

I returned to the island, initially with an idea to work on my Documentary Photography project, but ended up shelving this as my submission totally, when I see how 'little' material I can work on. Not that this is a bad thing, it is just that the simplicity of life here just makes me it that much more simple, yet interesting for those who wants to see the other side of Singapore.

I've managed to capture some scenes here. I do hope that I am able to capture some memories of the island. And here, presenting, my snapshots of Ubin...