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    A design competition in El Salvador, wich seeks to stimulate creativity, design and manufacture of high quality contemporary pieces for export.
Contempo is a design competition that began in 2007 as an initiative of theProgram of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through its Program for the Promotion of Exports, which ended two years later. Given the excellent results of the exhibition, the Museum of Art, El Salvador (Museo Marte), Share Foundation and private sector representatives took on the projectcontinued until 2009 include design, production and exhibition of contemporaryfurniture and fixtures.

Now as a biennial, Contempo 2011 comprises two categories: design and furniture surfaces.

Proposals (parts or prototypes), of which a national jury has selected 18 participants, will be on display in Room 1 and 2 of Museo Marte. These will be subject to analysis of an international jury, who will choose the three winning lines in each category of the competition.

The members of this jury are senior figures in the contemporary furniture andsurface design: Jerry Helling, Cutu Mazuelos and Eva Prego, Amanda Kasperand Mark Woodman. Winners will be announced on 1 September.

For one of the main organizers of the competition aims to stimulate creativity, design and manufacture of high quality contemporary pieces for export.
"It is important to the appreciation of the creativity of designers guild before thenational audience through the exhibition of the pieces on Museo Marte Mars and promoting local talent abroad," they said in a news release.


Prizes for winners of 2011 will Contempo six tickets to attend the International Fair of Contemporary Furniture, ICFF-Design Fair and Surtex surface, both to be held in New York in 2012.="color:>
Source of Inspiration: Torogoz ( Nationalbird of El Salvador)

Concept: Woman Warrior

Salvadoran women are warriors, alwaysready for combat.
We are guardians of our homes, protect itand look after its welfare.
Sometimes we work together to find thepath that will lead us to our dreams.
We go out in the world and believe inourselves, in our power, in our
capacities and skills, weapons we use toachieve victory.
Being a warrior has nothing to do withour social status or physical aspect,
we carry the warrior in our heart andsoul. As warriors we fall in love,
we dream, learn, are happy, innovative,positive, because we know that being a
warrior is to be ready for combat, withhigh spirits, 
ready to face with courage, any change that life may throw at you.

©Raquel Arana
Title of the piece: The Dance

Black colored wood base of 0.97cm high
Materials: lamp type tripod.

Cylindrical lampshade 0.35cm high x 0.55 diameter
Materials: matte black formica puff laser.

© Raquel Arana
© Picture: hrbrtserpas.tumblr.com
NY... see you soon.