Posters: William Mitchell College of Law
Posters advertising on-campus events
Various posters designed for a variety of events and services. Much of this work was done within the boundaries set by a strict style sheet which allowed for only a small number of "official" fonts for school-branded communications. Most posters were designed at a scale of 22" x 36".

Creative Direction: Pamela Belding
Promotional poster for an espionage & crime film series I came up with the name of the series as a good-natured joke aimed at the professor hosting the series, as he had once been a member of the CIA. Fortunately, he loved the name and it stuck.
Only a very low resolution photograph of the guest speaker was available to me for this project. I made good use of Photoshop's posterization and photocopy filters to make the image clean and legible for a 22" x 36" poster.