Identity for Município de Alenquer, Portugal

A brand, more than one image, is the set of perceptions and associations that resides in the minds of people about a certain thing.
Conceiving a brand to Alenquer requires thinking about its story, heritage, imaginary and economy. 
Factors which influences Alenquer's recognition as a region, as a mark.
We found the argument for the communication of Alenquer in the graphical overview of these issues. 
A brand based on its history, but also capable of projecting the future.
If in the coat of arms was the reference to its history, the heritage was found in Alenquer's castle, in the roses the beliefs and legends, and in the vineyards a reference to the ancient way of life of local people, an opportunity today for the future of the region's economy.
Alenquer a strong new brand that leverages new connections and new communication strategies.