One for sorrow
a developing series of work
At the start of the year I became involved with the wing assignment and produced a piece of work called '1 for sorrow' as a reaction to a pair of Magpie wings I received through the post from ex Maidstone Callege of art colleague Nina Farrell, the first piece triggered a background project which has been inextricably linked to events in my personal life - it's nice to be able to share these works with you and I look forward to adding sketches from the rest of the series as it develops.
 2 For Joy was started with a drawing of 2 magpies several weeks ago - the portrait for the piece and unfolding elements such as the flower (seed) of life and the floral groeth (aster plants) were over the proceeding two weeks. This piece marked a slight change in working style where the compositionof the piece was drawn out completely before working with tea and ink.