Animal illustrations
I like animals, they make attractive subjects for my tutorials and books. Their features such as hair and skin or eyes are interesting to demonstrate vector techniques. So I have drawn many animals for my writing. On top of that I sometimes just practice drawing or take part in events like »Inktober«. These are some of the drawings.
Delaunay Triangulation (Low Poly) I did for a tutorial in »Creative Aktuell«
»A horse on a bike« started by @martaltes on Instagram
»Unglücksbote | Bringer of Bad Tidings« (part of the 365doodlesmitjohanna challenge, Friday, Jan 13, 2017)
Forest cat sketch
Inktober 2016 »relax« – koala sleeping on a tree (drawing on packaging paper)
Inktober 2016 »worried« – zebra guarding her foal
Inktober 2016 »transport« – momma sloth carrying her baby
Inktober 2016 »jump« – a red fox
Inktober 2016 »broken« – glass pen drawing of a hatching turtle
Inktober 2016 »rock« – fineliner drawing of a young capricorn
Inktober 2016 »hungry« – analog drawing of a hamster
Inktober 2016 »collect« – analog drawing of a red squirrel
Inktober 2016 »fast« – analog drawing of a cheetah
Bear drawn with Illustrator brushes – tutorial for »Illustrator aktuell«
Lion illustration imitating a sewn look – tutorial for »Illustrator aktuell«
Kingfisher drawn using Illustrator's live paint function
Grungy bear - Illustration started analog, then scanned with Adobe Capture and edited in Illustrator.
King Kong made with stroke options – made for my Video2brain video training »Tipps, Tricks, Troubleshooting in Illustrator CC«
The skateboard zebra made in Illustrator and Animate CC – tutorial for »Creative aktuell«
Atlantic puffin illustration
Polar bear cub
Wolf made of splashes – tutorial for »Illustrator aktuell«
Black panther sketch
Animal illustrations

Animal illustrations

Animals done in different styles and techniques. I did these example projects for my tutorials and the book.


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