Illustrated Narrative
Diploma Project (2012)
As my concluding Diploma project during the last semester in the Institute, I worked on a self initiated project of making an Illustrated Narrative. My objective was to understand the various elements that are involved in making such a publication and presenting a concept for the same that would exhibit the learning process and innovation.
I started by thinking of a concept and then converting it into a story. The story had to be detailed in a specific way and later converted into a script with concise text. This was followed by Storyboarding and Character design.
The following images present a glimpse of the process and suggest what the look of the actual book will be and the kind of visuals it will contain.
The Protagonist
While making these characters, i referred to various photographs of myself and observed other kids of that age. I considered the diet and the level of activity to understand the body structure that was required.After having explored various body types and shapes, i finalised one on the basis of simplicity and my ability to re-draw the character consistently.
The Artwork
The illustrations were made using graphite pencils, color pencils and photo-inks and inked with felt tip pens. They were later treated on Adobe Photoshop. The color scheme is warm because the story is a flashback.
The artwork is such that it brings across the extreme styles of illustrations meant to portray the different moods of the story.