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Playing Arts - Special Edition • 4 of Spades

The contest

Each contestant was asked to create an artwork for one particular card in his distinct style and technique. 536 artists from 67 different countries submitted their entries.
55 best artworks will form the new Playing Arts Special Edition deck.

The card assigned to me is the "4 ♠ Spades". It's the pure union of my style with the deep symbolism of this card. In the context of spirituality the "4 ♠ Spades" for the tarot indicates a need for space. You need time and quiet to really get in touch with your soul and the universal energies around us all.
I wanted to symbolize this moment of relaxing of the body and soul representing a girl immersed in a dreamy and ethereal space made of clouds and pastel colors - elements that also distinguish my personal style.

“The talented artists involved were invited to create the world’s most unique deck of playing cards. The end result is an amazing beautiful, eclectic and unique collector’s cards.” — Globe's Finest

“Playing Arts is a 54 card deck where every card is accompanied with incredible art, from the lowly two of clubs all the way to the ace of spades and of course those dastardly jokers.” — Trend Hunter

“Playing Arts is a vibrant, varied and contemporary, an ideal Christmas gift for every poker player in the world.” — Gods of Art

“If you’d like to add an artistic touch to your next Poker game, you’ll absolutely love these playing cards by Digital Abstracts.” — Holy Cool

“The deck looks simply stunning. Featuring photography, digital illustration, hand drawn designs and typography, each card is created with the artist’s individual style.” — Design Distilled


Cover & Interview


Article: 4 Of Spades - Emi Haze

The Playing Arts Special Edition deck is available here:

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Playing Arts - Special Edition • 4 of Spades
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