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eSHa Labs: Aquarium Products

eSHa Aquarium Products

eSHa Labs manufactures a specialist range for hobbyists. eSHa has 50 years research and manufacturing expertise in:

Disease treatments for ornamental fish.
Supplements for tropical fish.
Anti algae and snail treatments.
Products for aquatic plant growth and health.
Test strips for determining water quality.

eSHa Labs goes Interzoo! Display flyer, ads, package restyling, leaflets in different languages, booklets in different languages.
Package design EU-line #eshalabs #packagedesign
Displays - packaging/verpakkingen - etiketten - bijsluiters #eshalabs
Package design eSHa gdex #eshalabs #fishproducts
Leaflets in 20+ languages #eshalabs
Design for eSHa app
We made a brochure for the English market. including all the new products and boxes of the new layout. They will be used at the Aqua 2015 in Telford (UK). #eshalabs -
eSHa Labs: Aquarium Products


eSHa Labs: Aquarium Products

Since 1999, package design - advertising - leaflets - booklets and flyers - etc.