Illustration is my biggest passion in life. I can't remember a time when I haven't drawn; I carry a sketchbook and pen everywhere I go. 

Below you will find a few examples of my illustration work. Watch this space though as I have a few projects on the go that I will be sharing very soon!
Personal piece I did based on the common Goldfish
Part of my personal project on the common Goldfish. Some of this project then overlapped with another project, Based around the human anatomy (below), I had in the works.
These two drawings are from an ongoing personal project on the human anatomy. This drawing is A1 sized, but I am currently working on smaller, coloured, digital prints.

The human anatomy is something that has been a feature off a lot of my work as of late and will have more of this project to post in the near future.
Pulled from a poster I created for the guys at LITTLE JOHNNY RUSSELLS, this was artwork for a mystery jets DJ set they were hosting.

The line work was hand drawn at A4 size and then scanned and vectorised in Adobe Illustrator. After that it was dragged in to Photoshop and colured.
the illustration in this poster started life as part of my, ongoing, personal project on the human anatomy. After adding some outrageous colouring it fit very well with the bands branding.

Hand drawn with fine liners then coloured in Photoshop.
Another personal project set around George Orwell's 1984. 

This is the final line work for the characters in the scene; I'm currently working on the setting and as soon as it's done I will giving it it's own project folder. WATCH THIS SPACE.
The Gruffalo is my favourite kids book of all time. I love the story and I love the Illustration.

I was recently inspired to recreate the story by taking the story itself and pairing with illustrations of a slightly more adult nature.

I am currently working on the character design and their settings and as soon as I have more to show I'll be giving it it's own Project folder.