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    This project has been a major contributor in understanding and learning UX design.
The planner page starts with getting a few details from the user, of course. The essence being - Plan your holiday and book it in less than a few clicks. 
Things taken care of -
- Start/end point of the trip. Could be the same, or you can end your trip anywhere else too.
- You can stay at the start/end destination too, if you'd like that. 
- The "Surprise me" option is actually a wizard that suggests you with a plan. With the transport / hotel / activities already added. 
The left-sidebar will act as the wizard, the navigation and the trip's progress indicator.
It will guide the user to add the 3 elements of his trip, if he is a new user who wants to plan all by himself. The 3 elements of the trip being - Transport, Hotel & Activities.
And once he is done planning his trip, he can book it, save it or collaborate/share it. 
This project's beta is now live on the Tripigator website in the name of the Holiday Planner Tool.