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    Very Berry Cosmo Beauty and Lifestyle Blog Design and Brand Identity
Very Berry Cosmo is my own personal beauty and lifestyle blog. (www.veryberrycosmo.co.uk) It is my own little space on the Internet where I talk about anything I fancy, usually things that are occuring in my current life, particularly touching up on happiness, positivity and health. Google Analytics suggests that my current audience is mainly females, with 90% of my audience being 34 years and under. 
People often ask how I named my blog. I wish it was some super exciting story, but in reality, I had a nail varnish colour that I really liked, called Berry Cosmo. This name was already taken, so I popped 'very' in front of it, and here we are! 
Twitter Cover Photo, Photography was taken to celebrate Very Berry Cosmo's 1st Blog Birthday! 
Very Berry Cosmo is now about 1 and half years old, and in that time I have managed to maintain and develop an engaging social media following. With Twitter followers reaching 7000+ (April 2016) and always on the rise, increasing at about 100 per week, I believe that I connect personally with my readers, and understand what content they wish to engage with. 
VBC has given me many opportunities to work with a wide variety of brands in collaborations, with companies including Penguin Books, Cross Country Trains, Lee Stafford Hair Care, Turtle Bay, Stoats Oats, Liz Earle, LUSH Cosmetics, Denham Jeans, MooGoo Skincare and many more! 
Very Berry Cosmo Blog Header
Blog branding was created in order to suit the blog name as well as the audience demographic. A literal response to the blog name, however suitable for function. Simplicity and minimalism is best in the blogging community, with clearly defined titles, and lots of white space. 
Blog Header in Context, using a Pipdig Blog Template
Very Berry Cosmo Blog Post Title Images
Now that I have managed to build a 'fairly established' brand and name for myself being the 'berry queen' I felt that I wanted to combine my Very Berry Brand and my 'Graphic Design' image together, thus creating VBC Designs. 
Old VBC branded business cards, new ones are currently being designed - with adjustments to merge my designer profile with the blog branding. 
Hope you like this work - I am really proud of how far VBC has come, please do have a peek at my blog www.veryberrycosmo.co.uk and if you are interested in working with me on an opportunity don't be afraid to email me at veryberrycosmo@gmail.com