Selected editorial illustrations (6)
Baylor Scott & White Health - Examining blood vessels in the eye to prevent sight loss.
Telegraph - Summer reading
For Royal College of Nursing Publishing - Chosen concept for an article on the difficulties nurses
face when broaching health promotion to the parents of overweight children, at appointments for
other health issues. Hence the ghostly ‘elephant in the room’.
Practical Law magazine - Cover image on the theme of ‘Sourcing 3.0′, dealing with the fact that
outsourcing to other companies has changed so much because of technology ,that it may need
a “next generation” approach.
Commissioned for the Economist - I came up with this concept for a small spot illustration, for an
article titled ‘Spinning a win - Campaign advisers criss-cross the world to help in real and fake
Radio Times programme listing - Afternoon drama: Julie. Based on the true story of the biggest
drugs bust in British history. In 1977, Operation Julie saw police raid an isolated farmhouse in west
Wales, from where a large proportion of the world’s LSD originated. Idealistic chemist Richard Kemp
sought to change the world, whiledetermined detective Dick Lee was intent on stopping him. 
Scientific American - Devices stifle ideas and conversation
SHOP magazine cover - Dusseldorf.
The magazine focuses on the ‘hidden gems’ of the city and it’s fashion retailers, so the
idea here combines this with one of the iconic Rhine bridges.
MIT - Driving ads and apps
Icons for Fortune magazine. The brief was to come up with simple immediate ideas for 
‘keeping on your toes’, ‘foolish fads’, ‘listen to customers’ and ‘capture ideas’.
For Korn Ferry magazine. Images for an article about the benefits of ‘ultradiversity’ in societies.
Economists 1843 magazine. The subject was electric battery powered cars, so the challenge was to find a concise conceptual
way of showing the general theme.
Metro - confusion between relationships and friends - Operating systems
Environmental Health News - Influencing behavioural change
For LA Times Envelope - for an article on the film awards season, and films that have dealt with ‘whistle blowing’ and
exposure of institutions.
Selected editorial illustrations (6)

Selected editorial illustrations (6)

Selected editorial illustration (6)

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