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    First Prize in the Copenhagen Bike Share Competition. The OPENBike by LOTS Design, Koucky & Partners and Green Idea Factory. 127 Entrys from … Read More
    First Prize in the Copenhagen Bike Share Competition. The OPENBike by LOTS Design, Koucky & Partners and Green Idea Factory. 127 Entrys from five continents Read Less
Sketchbook from the 2009 Copenhagen Bike Share System Competition. www.cphbikeshare.com

IMAGINE a bike share system that...is floating and does not need any special parking installations, so you can leave the bike where you want...will learn, adapt and evolve according to needs and user patterns ...makes full use of modern technology for locating, booking and payment, but is as easy to use as ones own bicycle ..facilitates and rationalises bike management, maintenance and redistribution... defines a new level in bike sharing and strengthens Copenhagen’s position as a leader in modern urban transport solutions. This is OPEN bike!
The mobile brain of the system. The seat tube encloses smart technology wich uses contactless smart cadrs (RFID) or or any registered NFC device  (e.g. NFC equipped mobile phones) for identification of the user and unlocking the bicycles. RFID-card technology is commonly used in public transport. It is possible to combine several separate functions on the same card which opens the possibility to gradually expand the functionality of the OPENbike-card or user other cards" e.g. to combine OPENbike with public transport passes, identification cards for car-sharing operations, as entry tickets for museums etc.

All bikes are equipped with a GSM/GPRS unit using the mobile phone network for
communication and localisation. The unit communicates with the OPENbike central.
The OPENbike family

Every now and then, people need to transport heavy or voluminous goods that do not fit on a regular bike. To facilitate sustainable transportation for locals and even allow for visitors with small children
to experience Copenhagen the way locals do, the system provides a number of cargo bikes. The cargo bikes can be booked ahead and are available at OPENbike centres. The possibility to occasionally rent a
cargo bike at low expense further reduces the need of Copenhageners to use a car.
The bicycle is designed to withstand heavy use and is easy to maintain. The choice of smaller wheels and high volume tires increases strength and durability, as does the robust frame. All cable routings, electronics and wiring are enclosed within the frame for maximum weather protection. A modern belt drive system further reduces the need for maintenance. The OPENbike is easily recognisable through
its unique design and has a clear brand identity, connected to the city of Copenhagen. All bicycle graphics are reflective and makes the bicycle highy visible at night. Be seen to be safe.

Whether a bike is available or not is clearly shown by blinking red or green LED-signals. To use a bike, all the user needs to do is to hold their ID-device against the bicycle’s card reader.  If the bike is not already booked, it sends the user information to the system database that checks whether access should be granted. If positive, the system unlocks the bike, the LEDs blink twice and the rental period starts. The entire process takes only a few seconds. Once unlocked, an OPENbike is used as any other bicycle.
A graphical instruction manual is permanently installed in bottom of front basket, facing the rider.

OPENbike defines a new level in bike sharing systems. With its iconic and practical bicycles, floating architecture, modern and user-friendly technology and unrivaled flexibility and adaptability, it reflects Copenhagens position as a leading cycling capital. OPENbike will reduce the need for car travel in Copenhagen since it offers high quality services to commuters and new transport options for locals. Through tourists that experience how efficient and pleasant cycling in Copenhagen is, OPENbike also promotes cycling as a susainable mode of transport internationally.