*Personal Project

Perfect Hair Day

Jennifer Aniston has the same hair for a decade. I wanted to give her a new hair. And while I'm at it, hey Michael Cera came out with another Michael Cera movie, I will give him a new hair too!
But then, who am I to judge. I do the same thing. I get comfortable. I keep doing things that worked before. I do the same thing all the time.

Fur Free

Lions kill zebras for survival. Humans are the only animals that kill other animals for vanity. 
I used a photo of a very poised lion as if it is posing for a fashion photo shoot, and a foggy background that also mimics the feel of a fashion advertisement. 
The bizarre image of a lion wearing a zebra fur coat conveys the message that wearing fur is absolutely unnecessary and downright bizarre.

A Gentle Reminder

A Slacker's Ambition

We all have grand plans, don't we?
I wanted to start a personal project but my old computer was very slow, and I thought, “Maybe I should buy a new computer before starting any project,” which was, of course, an excuse of a slacker. Eventually, I did buy a new computer and I started and finished this project, so I’d say everything was all good at the end.

Introspection/Wonderland, Galley MC, New York, NY

No End in Sight

This poster was inspired by a documentary about the aftermath of the Iraq war, No End in Sight.
The fallen statue of Saddam Hussein used to be a symbol of the U.S. victory in Iraq. In this poster, however, a Black Hawk is dragging the heavy statue away, which keeps the helicopter from speeding up, soaring to the sky, or flying back home.

Graphis New Talent Annual, Gold Winner

Type Illustrations

Motivational Posters for Designers

A set of posters explores the cliché and the hilarity of motivational posters. 
It features ubiquitous themes of typical motivational posters such as Teamwork, Wisdom, Passion, Commitment and Possibilities. They are, however, re-imagined within a context of graphic design, combining the everyday cliché with that of design.

Passion: What you do is who you are.
Commitment: Trajan says, “If my kerning is good enough for Titanic, it’s good enough for you. Deal with it.” 
Perseverance: Quality works are time suckers. 
Possibilities: A Novel 
Teamwork: “Where is Package?” “Where is Clipping Path?” 
Wisdom: Bad work in the computer is better than no work in the computer. 

Introspection/Wonderland, Galley MC, New York, NY