The aptly titled "AlterActio" photography exhibition of the young artist Luka Klikovac indicates a different way of experiencing the world. His photos provoke various interpretations and emotions in viewers. The artist focuses on angelic and Hades motives which are intertwined, but yet divided by the delicate boundary of pseudo-abstraction. The reaction of liquids resembles to troubled thoughts of a modern man. The outcomes of the author's shaping and playing with liquids are surreal landscapes, beautiful structures, celestial beings, endless "nebula" forms, forest and deep sea creatures. Whether a casual or trained observer may choose what to see - demons, angels or that of God alike. These photos expand our imagination and emotional experience, spread our wings and leave us the freedom to create an intimate world of our own.

Vladimir Tatarević
»AlterActio« Luka Klikovac (watch in Full HD)

note: Video was made using original photographs and some effects in Adobe After Effects.

All photos below are real photographs, without any use of Photoshop or CGI.