Main entrance overview
Back overview
Double stage entrance view with some examples of brand activations.
Arena Warner Games portal entrance view.
People flow map through the stand.
Event elements such as: Logo, Promoter uniforms and logo for the event's hashtag.
Press room view.
Unlike the previous games in the Battlefield series, Hardline takes place in an urban landscape and focuses on crime, heist and policing instead of military warfare. Those features had legs for our scenography proposal which aimed to call attention of the visitors, while at the same time, tied together the battlefield tournament that we proposed like brand activations.
Battlefield area overview.
Throughout the non-linear single-player campaign, Battlefield Hardline gameplay evokes the  player's choice about follow the path of the law or not. In order to promote this feature, we proposed a brand activation based in a quick quiz where the visitors could find out their level of corruptibility. The promoters would lead them to two possibilities of fun photo backdrop based in their quiz results.
Ground view.
The client briefing's restriction regard the exhibition of those two games was considering the level of violence they had, specially Mortal Kombat X that contains the Parental Advisory label as '+18'. Taking this into consideration, we proposed an impersonal form of a dome broken in two in order to confine those games in the same place, hampering the sight of younger visitors. This dome was inspired in carnival's stunt 'globe of death' and in the famous 'Thunderdome' from the movie Mad Max III, a place where fights occurred till death.
For brand activations, we proposed some outfits which the visitor could simulate famous attacks for both of
games using their sceneries as backdrop to take photos with friends.
Overview of the broken dome.
Global Fifa 15 visual identity.
Fifa 15 area overview.
Tournament area.
Tournament prizes.
Game exhibition totem.
Fun backdrops area.
Fun backdrop area and promoter inspired in peanut seller, very common in brazilians soccer matches.
Disney Infinity exhibition totem.
Batman Arkham Knight exhibition totem.
Dragon Age exhibition totem.
Shadows of Mordor exhibition totem.
Main aisle view.
Arena Warner Games

Arena Warner Games

Client: Warner Games Agency: Integer\Outpromo TBWA Year: 2014 Project of Stand Design and Brand Activation for Warner Games at ‘Brasil Game Show Read more


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