I wanted to add an update to my original post. I was informed that Frank Simon passed away in the spring of 2013. I was grealy saddened to hear about his passing. 
Mr. Frank Simon
Holder of two Guinness Book of World Records
Recently on a work trip to the Anaheim, California area and I happened upon Frank Simon performing at the Orange County swap meet. It was a totally unexpected run in. Mr. Frank Simon, "all the way from Budapest, Hungary;  is a performer and world record holder for balancing objects on his head and teeth. Currently he holds the Guinness Book or World Records for Heaviest Object Balanced on Teeth, and for the Longest Duration Balancing a Tyre on his Teeth. If you're ever in the area and happen to be able to stop by the swap meet I hope that you get a chance to meet Frank too. It's and awesome and one of a kind show, just make sure you leave a tip or two in his bucket.
Here's a video I found of Frank doing his act on a UK tv show a few years back.
It was a really intensely windy day, so it's doubly impressive that he was able to balance the key on his nose.
One of Frank's records is for balancing this moped on his teeth. It's insane to see in person!
I don't know if you can tell or not. But he's balancing the pitcher on top of the coke bottle, while drinking the coke. Pretty Impressive!
Yes that is an oven!