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    Medical pill dispenser
Medical pill dispencer
Pillo is an interactive pills dispenser that helps elderly people to take pills. Target of project are elderly user that living alone, people who take pills every day, and people that are followed by a nurse or by a familiar. The pills administration for older people is important and very actual: so we thought about a new product, easy to use (less actions) with helps of technology. It has a better interaction (emotional) with the people which can improve the relationship with the pills and, can prevents to forgotten to take pills. It allows to prepare different pills in the four deadlines of the day (from morning to night). The interactions of this object are characterized by sounds, colors, and vibrations. Through this effect appears different behaviors (characters) depend on use which makes the owner. These characters are useful for elderly and also for relatives or doctors beacuse just seeing the color of the „Pill Dispenser we can understand if the user take pills in time.The pillbox has 3 characters: gentle, anxious, scared