Bobby Solomon & Elise Swopes - Make It on Mobile
Adobe invited artists Bobby Solomon and Elise Swopes (in addition to 14 other artists) to work together and finish two poster designs based on principles they felt expressed an aspect of their creative process. They were tasked to use iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Creative Cloud mobile apps. Over the course of two days, this is what they accomplished.
Bobby Solomon and Elise Swopes
"Inspiration occurs in unlikely places"
By Bobby Solomon
Bobby used Photoshop Sketch, Photoshop Fix, Lightroom mobile, Photoshop Mix and Comp CC to finish this piece.
Bobby: "I took this photo of a cool-looking building while walking around New York on my iPhone and with Elise's help, made a really cool effect with it."
As it turns out, he took a photo of Bjarke Ingels's West Side Tetrahedron complex. You can see the original photo here on Bobby's Instagram. 
"Follow yourself"
By Elise Swopes
Elise used Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Mix, Lightroom mobile and Comp CC to finish her piece.
Elise: "I used the upright tool in Fix to align the buildings, then switched up the colors a ton in Lightroom mobile and I loved using the saturation and dehaze features. I learned a lot. To finish it up, I worked with Bobby to design the type."

Bobby: "She changed her phrase from ‘Get lost’, ‘Find yourself,’ ‘Follow your dreams’… then when I was laying it out for her we just saw ‘Follow your...self’ and decided that was great, and much better than the original!"
Elise and Bobby present their final printed posters
Bobby Solomon & Elise Swopes - Make It on Mobile
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