Dan Cederholm & Dan Mumford - Make It on Mobile
Illustrator Draw
Adobe invited artists Dan Cederholm and Dan Mumford (in addition to 14 other artists) to work together and finish two poster designs based on principles they felt expressed an aspect of their creative process. They were tasked to use iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Creative Cloud mobile apps. Over the course of two days, this is what they accomplished.
Dan Cederholm and Dan Mumford
"Sometimes the journey itself is the inspiration"
By Dan Cederholm
Dan Cederholm used Capture CC, Illustrator Draw, and Comp CC to build his final composition.
Dan C: “I started out by taking a walk over to the reservoir, took some photos, played around with some textures and used Capture, which I really like a lot. I used Capture to do some stuff that I would have normally tried to do in Photoshop, like drawing out the type. Putting it into Capture, it smoothed out my lines which was kind of nice. Then I started taking things away, I wanted to get down to the root of the message. I come from a UI and brand background, so this is more of a graphic design thing...if the brief was 'make a 1962 book cover' I might have nailed it!”
"Anything ordinary can become extraordinary"
By Dan Mumford
Dan Mumford used Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Sketch, Illustrator Draw and Comp CC to finish his piece.
Dan M: “We started by going outside, taking photos, and I ended up taking some photos of the trees and vines outside in the garden here at the Cooper Hewitt, while Dan went more towards the reservoir in Central Park. I took the photos into Photoshop Mix, took the vines and trees and made a rough composition of what I wanted. Then I took that into Comp and made a more finished rough with more imagery and added a gradient wash in Photoshop Sketch. I brought all of that into Adobe Draw and used that as a base to freehand over. It came together quite naturally, it’s fairly similar to the way I work in the studio on a giant computer, so it was nice to be able to work in a much smaller capacity with similar results.”
"The Dans" present their finished printed posters
Dan Cederholm & Dan Mumford - Make It on Mobile
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