Make It on Mobile - NYC - 2016
Make It on Mobile is a hands-on learning and creation experience for artists at the forefront of modern workflows in illustration, photography and design. These artists were given the chance to learn about Adobe's latest advancements in powerful mobile app technology and then collaborate in teams to make an amazing project come to life.
The inaugural Make It on Mobile summit took place at the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum on April 21-22, 2016. Take a look at all the artwork created at this event in the team Behance project links below.
Adobe director David Macy kicks off Make It on Mobile.
Adobe director Khoi Vinh reveals the creative brief.
The creative brief for our artists was to pick out a phrase (or write their own) that described the way they worked. Each artist then visually represented their phrase, and many of them brought their own twist to the original ideas.
Steven Heller is a prolific author and current co-chair of MFA Design, School of Visual Arts NYC. He delivered a very special keynote on day one of Make It on Mobile, where he shared his past experiences with Adobe's first workshop over 30 years ago that introduced desktop publishing to the world. See his presentation here.
Adobe's head of outreach & collaboration Bryan O'Neil Hughes presents a demo of Photoshop Mix, Photoshop Fix, and Lightroom mobile. Check out his Slate story about the event.
After day one, the artists were treated to a curated tour of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum with Ellen Lupton.
The 16 Make It on Mobile NYC artists learned Adobe's creative mobile apps, took a creative brief, and made stunning designs on iPad Pro all in two days.
Artists Jennet Liaw and Kervin Brisseaux start brainstorming ideas after they receive the creative brief.
Artist Gemma O'Brien brings her hand lettering to the table and sketches out some ideas.
Artist Kahori Maki adds the finishing touches to her design in Photoshop CC after combining her watercolors with photographs on her iPad Pro.
Adobe brought in a large format printer to bring the artists' projects to life.
Jenean Morrison and Andrea Pippins show their final designs. At the end of day two, all the artists presented their finished posters, gave feedback, and shared their experiences with creating on iPad using Adobe mobile apps.
Back row left to right: Katrin Eismann, Dan Cederholm, Bobby Solomon, Kervin Brisseaux, Dan Mumford, Robert Generette III, Victoria Siemer, Andreas Preis, Khoi Vinh
Second row: Pollyanna Macchiano, Andrea Pippins, Jennet Liaw, David Macy, Jenean Morrison
Front row: Kahori Maki, Elise Swopes, Gemma O'Brien, Gyimah Gariba, Kyle T. Webster
Make It on Mobile - NYC - 2016
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Pollyanna Macchiano