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H9 Portable lighting tool

Industrial Design
HPortable lighting tool
Fillipo Pagliai
Luisa BaldassariGrado Zero Espace, under the supervision of Giada Dammacco

H9 is a bright shell to wear over any type of glove or directly on the naked hand.

H9 is a light source of the latest generation, soft and foldable, consisting of a woven fiber glass on which is deposited a micro-layer of electroluminescent material and when it's appropriately stimulated creates uniformly illuminated surfaces.
The idea comes from the necessity to increase the visibility and the safety of the person which operates in low bright conditions or in the darkness, through a luminous device that generates light without compromise the mobility of the hand, since it becomes an integral part of the hand.
For the first time, a light source becomes a wearable tool that adapts to the movements of hand, as only a fabric and can be.

Project based on Fillipo Pagliai's idea
Designed by Luisa Baldassari under the supervision of Giada Dammacco for Grado Zero Espace
Electronics developed by Giulia Bimbi
H9 Portable lighting tool

H9 Portable lighting tool

Portable lighting tool