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    Photography - Alphabet
This was a really interesting project as using a six sided shape to create another shape has been a real restriction as you can not rotate the heads to a right angle. So the amount that was needed to create the illusion of straight lines became obvious.
This project took some time as you can see as even just developing shapes and different ways of making the letters took time.

I previously was trying to use a speaker magnet on the under side of an oven dish so that they wouldn't fall over, I then realised that they could stand upside down if using a magnet. Though after creating one shape I had to start fresh, as trying to pull one head away dragged all the others with it.

So the magnet idea was scrapped...

After deciding to go the other way I noticed that the shape got stronger and stronger the more I built. 
The honeycomb pattern really made this design work, as it made the entire square very solid making it possible to get the desired negative space upside down. The only thing that I had to do that I kept on forgetting was put the edge screw heads at a different angle to the next one, other wise all the outer heads fell over. Have a look at the photo taken from an angle to see what I mean.

Hope you enjoy, and if you like it, Appreciate it!!!

All images are copyrighted to Jay Harwood©